Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

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At Ann Cam we aim to provide a curriculum that:

  • is broad and balanced
  • meets the statutory requirements of the new curriculum
  • is distinctive to the needs of our pupils and our community
  • prepares children for life in modern Britain
  • engages and motivates the children

Staff complete curriculum maps each year to show that they are covering what they have to teach, as covered by the new national curriculum. These maps ensure our children leave the infants and juniors having being taught all the skills and knowledge to allow them to start their journey through the next key stage.

Children are taught English, Maths and Religious Education every week but the other subjects may be taught weekly or as part of a block of lessons over a series of weeks.

As a Church of England School we follow Gloucestershire’s Agreed Syllabus for the teaching of Religious Education.

At Ann Cam we follow the ‘Essentials Curriculum,’ a teacher friendly curriculum from Chris Quigley that sets out the essential coverage, learning objectives and standards of the new curriculum. His ‘Essentials Curriculum’ meets and exceeds the standards in the new curriculum.

Staff will plan topics that engage their pupils. These topics may last a whole term or even just a few weeks. Staff may change the learning that is taking place, if, for example, a major world event occurs that sparks an interest with the pupils, e.g., a volcanic eruption.

Staff will not over-plan topics so that there is time to explore the interests of the children or even the staff themselves.

Staff have thought of three ‘curriculum drivers’ which underpin everything the children are taught. The drivers chosen were Spirituality, Community and Opportunity.

Spirituality - Children will be given opportunities to look inwards to think about their own beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, feelings, ideas and aspirations and also to look outwards, to reflect on the natural world, the environment and human achievement.

Community - Our school is at the heart of the local community. Parents and members of the community will be invited into school to work alongside the children as part of their topics.

Opportunities- By undertaking engaging topics the children will be given lots of opportunities to express themselves and develop their self-confidence. Children will go on trips and have visitors come into school to further enhance the learning. Children will be given opportunities to represent the school in the local community and further afield through events such as sport and music.

What will the children be learning each term?

Please look on each class' page for more information about what the children will be learning each term.

Which reading scheme do we use in school?

At Ann Cam we use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. Children take books home from the first week they are at Ann Cam. Children work their way through the scheme until they become a fluent confident reader.