Ann Cam Church of England Primary School

Ann Cam Church of England Primary School
& Little Daffodils Pre-School

Respect  Friendship  Thankfulness


  • As the days become colder please remember to bring in a coat and jumper (even if your child says they are not cold!) or they may not be allowed out at break and lunch time.
  • Please help us to reinforce the fact that the area outside the front of the school is not a playground. The benches, handrail and bollards are not play equipment!
  • Across the school we are desperate for Parent Readers, it needn't be for very long (just 20 minutes will do!) and it can be at any time of the day even 3-3.20 (an opportunity for you to come in from the cold!)
  • At Ann Cam we are on the warpath for incorrectly held pencils and pens! Please encourage your child at home to follow the: Nip, Flip and Grip approach to help improve your child's handwriting and stop them forming bad habits. Please see this link for more information: Nip, Flip and Grip
  • Pupils MUST either remove their earrings during PE or have them taped up.
  • Please can jumpers (and other school uniform) be labelled with the pupil's name as this makes returning the items so much easier for staff!