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Home Learning

Our remote learning plan has been updated to reflect that the school is closed to most pupils. 

Remote Learning Plan

Extra home learning resources and activities will appear on this page.

These resources and activities are to compliment the work set by each class teacher and are not compulsory.


Here is the link to Owen's latest worship which we hope you enjoy watching at home. We enjoy watching them in school!

Week 1 to follow shortly.

Worship with ISingPOP

Episode 1

Wellbeing Wednesday

We want to support our children and families during this lockdown with "Wellbeing Wednesday".  The staff and I invite you to take 20 minutes each Wednesday to learn something new or change the way you do something to promote your child's well-being.

Something small can have such a huge impact, not only on your child but on yourself also.  Each week we will suggest a new activity or alternative way of doing something.  These may be suggestions to support mental health, being more active or just allowing yourselves to take some time to reflect. I think we are all guilty of feeling like there is never enough time to just stop for 5/10 minutes, but it is so important for our own mental health. 

This week's activity focuses on supporting wildlife around us.  Taking 5 minutes to watch the birds in our garden / in the park can be a wonderful way to acknowledge the wonder around us and engage with nature.  Why not encourage wildlife by making your own birdfeeder. We would love to see photos of your finished products.  Can you identify the birds that visit the feeder?  How does it make you feel? 


Chance to Shine (cricket programme) are giving you the chance to take part in a weekly virtual session, helping children to practise their throwing and catching skills. They will take place at 2:00pm each Wednesday. Please click on the link below.

Chance to Shine




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